Competition law

In daily competition with other companies, certain “rules of the game” must be observed. The law against unfair competition (UWG) presents these rules for the behaviour of companies in competition. The essence of the law against unfair competition is whether a certain behaviour, such as a comparison with a competing product, advertising with superlatives or the identification of a product with the word “patented” is permissible. In addition to the law against unfair competition, there are other laws such as the price regulation order which need to be observed. Thus, for example, those who supply goods to end consumers must not only give the final price but also the basic price per litre or gram. This should make it possible for the consumer to easily compare different offers with different pack sizes.

If inadmissible measures are involved, cease and desist and more extensive claims can be asserted. If you see yourself exposed to unfair behaviour on the part of a competitor, it is possible to warn the competitor himself or with the assistance of an attorney and request that the competitor ceases and desists from the behaviour to which objection is raised. If the competitor does not comply with this request, an interlocutory injunction can be requested in urgent cases.