A patent can be used to protect a technical invention. It is possible to protect both objects, devices and circuits, ...

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With a trademark, you can protect a certain term for naming certain goods and/or services.

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A design patent can be used to protect aesthetic creations of form, in particular designs of utility articles.

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Patents, brands, design applications and copyrights save intellectual property.

Jabbusch Siekmann & Wasiljeff is a firm of Patent Attorneys with offices in Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen.
The Oldenburg office was established in 1949.
The Hannover office was established in 1950.
The Bremen office was established in 2005.

Intellectual property rights, particularly patents, utility models, trademarks and designs serve to protect technical innovations, trademark identifications for goods or services and new industrial designs. Holders of rights are able to build and defend market positions within the competition environment. Jabbusch Siekmann & Wasiljeff is active in the entire spectrum of intellectual property rights. We also provide advice on matters involving competition law, asserting and warding off claims and achieve temporary injunction orders in summary proceedings. Furthermore we also handle infringement cases and cross-border legal disputes.